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Stomach flu is triggered by a range of viruses and typically develops after contact with an infected individual or consuming contaminated food or water. Less typically, stomach influenza can be caused by bacteria.

Though stomach flu can be extremely undesirable, most people recuperate within a couple of days with no further complications.

Home remedies for stomach flu

Unfortunately, there is no exact treatment strategy or treatment for stomach flu. Antibiotics do not assist with viral infections, so relief may best be offered by home remedies that relieve the symptoms.

Stay hydrated

People with stomach influenza often do not seem like eating and can become dehydrated due to an absence of food. The body also loses a lot of fluids through diarrhea, vomiting, and sweating.

It is important to keep up fluid levels in the body to assist prevent dehydration. People with stomach flu must drink lots of liquids such as clear soda, clear broths, or caffeine-free sports drinks. Sluggish sips assist to keep fluids down.

People who can’t keep food or drink down can treat on ice chips to keep hydrated.

Not all drinks are equal when it concerns dealing with stomach influenza; it is smart to prevent coffee, black tea, and chocolate – they can unsettle the stomach; additionally, caffeine can interfere with sleep, which is essential for recovery. Alcohol ought to be avoided because it is a diuretic – to puts it simply, it does not rehydrate.

What to eat

Stomach influenza often lowers or damages the appetite. Nevertheless, as symptoms enhance it is important to start slowly and eat just.

It is essential to rehydrate with sports drink, non-caffeinated sodas, or diluted fruit juices. Then possibly shift to soups and broths, and after that normal age-appropriate little meals.

Some people report negative experiences from consuming dairy, while others are untouched. Fiber loosens the bowels, so it is best to avoid excess fiber. Tomato-based, fatty, and spicy dishes can also intensify diarrhea.


Stomach influenza can be stressful. The body requires as much energy as possible to combat off the infection and repair work damage; for this reason, it is very important to rest, enabling the immune system to work and cells to fix as quickly as possible.

Anyone with stomach influenza must rest during the day and get a good night’s sleep each night.

Although evidence is weak, some people might find symptoms eased by the following treatments:

Ginger and peppermint

Including ginger, mint, or lemon to water could assist alleviate some of the symptoms of stomach influenza.

Ginger helps to reduce inflammation and promote digestion by relieving nausea and vomiting. It can also assist to provide some remedy for stomach cramps and bloating.

To make ginger tea:

  • add 1 teaspoon of powdered ginger or 1/2 teaspoon of fresh ginger root to 1 cup of water
  • boil 5 minutes and let steep 10 minutes
  • strain the tea when using fresh ginger root
  • drink 2-3 times everyday to get relief

Ginger can be used as a spice in meals. People with stomach influenza can also consume ginger by taking ginger capsules, consuming ginger ale, or chewing a piece of ginger.

Mint, such as peppermint, can also assist to relieve an upset stomach and treat gas and bloating. It is most effective for an upset stomach when used as a tea.

To make mint tea, take a few fresh mint leaves and boil them in water. Strain the infusion.


Some people report that acupressure can minimize nausea. Procedure three finger-widths below the bottom of the palm; use pressure with your thumb to the pulp between two tendons. Massage for a few minutes.


Chamomile is a plant that can be used as part of a stomach flu remedy. It unwinds the muscles and has anti-inflammatory properties.

This plant may assist alleviate diarrhea, stomach cramping, bloating, nausea, and gas in some individuals.

To make chamomile tea:

  • add 2-3 teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers to a cup of warm water
  • cover and let it steep for 10-15 minutes
  • strain, then add some lemon juice and honey to taste
  • drink this tea three or four times a day for 2-3 days

Rosemary, red, and fennel tea might likewise have anti-inflammatory properties and help food digestion.


There are no drugs that can treat stomach flu; antibiotics can not help because the condition is generally brought on by a virus.

  • Ibuprofen – can assist with fever and pains, however it ought to be used carefully as it can distress the stomach and give the kidneys additional work to do when they are already dehydrated.
  • Acetaminophen – this is typically advised and has less side effects than ibuprofen.
  • Antiemetics – these can eliminate the feelings of nausea. Medical professionals may prescribe promethazine, ondansetron, metoclopramide, or prochlorperazine.

OTC antidiarrheals – consisting of subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol) and loperamide hydrochloride (Imodium). Pepto-Bismol ought to not be used in children.